Selected Talks, Presentations and Posters

2018 - "On the Semantic Similarity of Disease Mentions in MEDLINE and Twitter" (slides). NLDB 2018, Paris, France.
2017 - "Confidence Estimation for Protein-Protein Relations" (slides). BASF SE R&D, Ludwigshafen, Germany.
2017 - "Semantic Complexity and Corpus Analysis" (slides). CoSaQ workshop. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2017 - "Towards Confidence Estimation for Typed Protein-Protein Relation Extraction" (slides). BioNLP workshop @ RANLP 2017. Varna, Bulgaria.
2017 - "Distribution of Generalized Quantifiers in Large Corpora" (slides). QUAD workshop @ ESSLLI 2017. Toulouse, France.
2017 - "Relevant Text Snippet Detection" (slides). Abbvie Germany R&D. Ludwigshafen, Germany.
2016 - "Data Science for Deep Natural Language Understanding" (slides). NEC Labs Germany. Heidelberg, Germany.
2016 - "Evaluation of Entity Linking and Disambiguation Systems for Clinical Text Annotation" (slides). SEMANTICS 2016. Leipzig, Germany.
2016 - "Spanish NER with Word Representations and CRFs" (slides). NEWS workshop @ ACL 2016. Berlin, Germany.
2016 - "Generalized Quantifiers in Corpora" (slides). Web and Data Science Group, Mannheim University. Mannheim, Germany.
2015 - "Semantic Complexity of Quantifiers and their Distribution in Corpora" (poster) (slides). IWCS 2015 conference. London, UK.
2014 - "Extracting Process Models from Clinical Guidelines" (slides). Web and Data Science Group, Mannheim University. Mannheim, Germany.
2014 - "Dialog Models for Troubleshooting" (slides). IBM meeting. Venice, Italy.
2013 - "Automated Activity Recognition in Clinical Documents" (poster). IJCNLP 2013 conference. Nagoya, Japan.
2013 - "Quantifier Distributions and Semantic Complexity" (slides). TbiLLC 2013 colloquim. Gudauri, Georgia.
2012 - "Studying the Distribution of Fragments of English Using Deep Semantic Annotation" (slides). ISA-8 workshop. Pisa, Italy.
2012 - "The VeriCliG Project: Extraction and Verification of Clinical Guidelines" (poster). FUB "Researchers' Night" poster session. Bolzano, Italy.
2011 - "Data Complexity of Controlled and Natural Languages" (slides). DCC, UdeC. Concepción, Chile.
2011 - "Data-Scalable Controlled Languages" (slides). SRI International invited talk. Menlo Park, USA.
2011 - "Querying the Fragments of English" (slides). WoLLIC 2011 workshop. Philadelphia, USA.
2010 - "Query Answering over Ontologies Using Controlled Languages" (slides). PhD defense presentation. Bolzano, Italy.
2009 - "The Data Complexity of the Syllogistic Fragments of English" (slides). AC 2009 colloquium. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2009 - "Tree Shaped Aggregate Questions over Ontologies" (slides). FQAS 2009 conference. Roskilde, Denmark.
2009 - "Exploring Controlled English Ontology-Based Data Access" (slides). CNL 2009 workshop. Marettimo, Italy.
2009 - "Aggregate Queries over Ontologies" (slides). KRDB lunch talk. Bolzano, Italy.
2008 - "Aggregate Queries over Ontologies" (slides). ONISW workshop @ CIKM 2008. Napa, USA.
2008 - "Expressing Formal Queries Over DL-Lite Ontologies with Controlled English" (poster). Reasoning Web 2008 summer school. Venice, Italy.
2008 - "Expressing DL-Lite QA with Controlled English" (slides). KRDB lunch talk. Bolzano, Italy.
2007 - "Expressing DL-Lite Ontologies with Controlled English" (slides). DL 2007 workshop. Bressanone, Italy.
2007 - "Managing Structured Data with Controlled English" (slides). FUB computer science 2007 winter faculty seminar. Dobbiacco, Italy.
2005 - "The BDI Model of Agency and BDI Logics" (slides). LOA talk. Trento, Italy.
2004 - "Apprentissage de grammaires catégorielles de modules" (slides). MSc defense presentation. Villetaneuse, France.