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Camilo Thorne, PhD
NLP Scientist @ Elsevier
Franklin Strasse 63-65
60486, Frankfurt, Germany
c.thorne.1 at elsevier.com
I am a NLP researcher currently based in Frankfurt, Germany, with experience both in academia and industry. My expertise focuses on bridging the gap between statistical and symbolic semantic processing. Specifically, on how to combine NLP pipelines and lexical resources (thesauri, taxonomies) with ontologies and semantic web standards to boost information extraction, retrieval and enrichment tasks in specialised domains. Prior to Elsevier I worked as postdoctoral fellow at the universities of Mannheim and Stuttgart, in Germany, and as computational linguist at IBM, in Italy. I hold a PhD in computer science, obtained at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, where I studied the semantics of controlled natural languages and the design of controlled language front-ends to semantic web systems.
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